Join us for an all day virtual event

Hope this post finds your kitchen well stocked, your sometimes workout routine now an every day routine and that you have an hour a day you have devoted to paper crafting.

If you are banking crafting hours because you are dusting, organizing and cooking, would you like to join me for a virtual Global SU Share Fair? (If you haven’t been banking your hours, you are going to want to bank them for the next week and a half so that you have a whole day set aside for crafting)
I have teamed with fellow demonstrators around the globe to bring Facebook Live video demonstrations into your stamp space over next weekend, April 25th. We start in Australia, head to the United Kingdom next, visit Canada and end in USA.

Demonstrators will share products you can gather from your stamp space prior to the event so you can create along with us. If you don’t have the exact supplies, gather similar items you do have. Then share what you created along with us in the group.

Most of the projects are going to use DSP (designer series paper), so you will get tons of inspiration, (and hopefully the courage) to start using the pile that you have stashed away!

Joining the Facebook Global SU Share Fair is by invitation only. So please contact me to receive your invitation. You will need to accept the invitation to join the group. You must have a Facebook account to join the group.

We are looking forward to sharing super awesome projects with you!
I look forward to spending virtual time with you and other like minded people. Don’t be shy, join us!!

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